Difference in colour of "Peňa Blanca" froglets

Froglets of “Peňa Blanca” auratus – same as their relatives “Campana” – posses very different colours than their parents. The juvenile colours are less contrast and aposematic, which is raising the questions about their toxicity in juvenile stages of their life in the nature. Our bred animals are offsprings of frogs imported by Dutch Rana. Their offsprings are showing slightly heterogenous colour marks, which are responding to the absenting of great geographical barriers between natural populations of Dendrobates auratus inhabiting the remains of the forest between regions of Cocle, Colon and Panama Oeste. Here You can see the blueish colour of our froglet, typical for froglets of “Rio Cascajal” morph, which is so far almost unknown in EU.  This blue colour reveal part of the genes from highland bronz and blue morphs.

Juvenile colour will dissapear in age about 4-6 months, but full contrast “black and white” colours will develope in age of 3 years or more. Older animals are loosing the contrast a bit.




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